Haflo Updates

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We are extremely proud of our portfolio company No Isolation and our entrepreneur Karen Dolva for making dreams like this one possible.

"Jack McLinden, who has multiple health conditions, experienced joining his heroes on the pitch before their game against Newcastle United on Monday."


Flipping ICO's: My Cheapest Education

"Why do I call this my cheapest education? Well my losses don’t even add up to one course at NYU (my alma mater) and for what I learned reading white papers and analyzing coin offerings day and night, I would say I got a pretty good return on my investment. Although I did not make high returns in the process, I learned a lot about ICO’s.

In case of a bull run in the near future, here is my guide to ICO analysis. However, keep in mind that I made no money off of ICO’s and I am not a financial advisor, nor expert. If you choose to flip ICO’s, I take no responsibility for your profits or your losses, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

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Op-Ed: Cryptocurrency - A Venture Perspective

"Imagine you were looking to invest your money in something, and you discovered a new type of asset class that had enormous potential, a growing fanbase, and consistently generated annual returns in excess of +100%, with steady historicals despite short-term volatility. Would you consider this a flailing asset solely on the basis of non-investor opinions and volatile day-to-day market activity? For assets such as Bitcoin, historical patterns show revolutionary growth prospects despite immense barriers. While many argue that these are the exact traits which secure its place in history as a giant bubble, what kind of bubble repeats itself over and over, literally rebounds from dead, and promises the potential of an entirely different future? The answer is, something that the market wants and or needs."


Martin Hauge, Frog Capital Chairman: A Year in Review

"From his 15 years as CEO to multiple growth-stage tech companies to his 11 years as partner of highly successful Swedish venture capital firm, Creandum, Martin Hauge is an established authority in early-stage growth and investment.

One year on from joining Frog Capital as the company’s non-executive chairman, we spoke with Martin about the firm’s achievements, the venture capital community and what the future holds for Frog Capital."