Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

We believe that blockchain technology is revolutionary and will be adopted by companies and governments in the coming years. We hold a portfolio of digital currencies and have expertise in day trading, researching, and analyzing emerging and existing cryptocurrencies. It is also our goal to share our expertise in the field by producing articles, speaking at conferences, and participating in blockchain related projects. 




Future Bank 2018:

February 13, Finans Norge gathered prominent speakers and debaters to discuss how robotization, artificial intelligence, new regulation, changed customer behavior and cryptocurrencies change the rules of the financial industry. How will the interaction between the established financial industry and new Fintech companies develop? Why does the Nordic region and Norway get such international attention on Fintech?

Around 600 participants participated in FutureBank 2018.


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An Excerpt from our latest article written by Max Reiff:

Imagine you were looking to invest your money in something, and you discovered a new type of asset class that had enormous potential, a growing fanbase, and consistently generated annual returns in excess of +100%, with steady historical's despite short-term volatility. Would you consider this a flailing asset solely on the basis of non-investor opinions and volatile day-to-day market activity? For assets such as Bitcoin, historical patterns show revolutionary growth prospects despite immense barriers. 


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